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"Helping successive generations of clients for over 50 years"
Colin McKay, Partner
"An emphasis on strong and enduring client relationship"
Tara Vanderkolk, Consultant
"Our single greatest asset is our staff."
Roger Cann, Consultant
"Renowned as approachable, flexible and business-focused"
Renee Jensen, Senior Associate
"Providing a full range of professional services."
Tina Wilson, Senior Associate
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Our team

Wilson McKay originates from Kendall Wilson, a law firm created in the 1950s.  Today the firm practices from its offices in Remuera with a focus on commercial and private client work.

We have a strong reputation and tradition for acting for successive generations of families. With our many decades of experience we have proven legal skills and offer comprehensive advice. Our experience, integrity and expertise, are such that we ensure each client receives superior confidential advice.  We pride ourselves on building and maintaining long lasting relationships by ensuring that we take the time to understand our clients’ individual and business needs.


Newsletter – Issue 1 – Feb 2021

Changes to the Privacy Act
Online harassment: where and how to get help
Virtually witnessed documents – are they valid?

Changes to sick leave entitlements
Snippets – Traps when buying a used car – Leaving chattels under a will.

Newsletter – Issue 4 – Nov 2020

Changes to building consents
Relationship Property and the necessity of full disclosure
What does Restraint of Trade mean?

Employment changes in regards to working from home
Snippets – Does the vendor have to remove rubbish – What is a testamentary guardian?

Newsletter – Issue 3 – Aug 2020

Overview of COVID-19 Public Health Response Act
Difference between Contracting Out and Relationship Property

Paper roads explained
Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill and terminating a tenancy
Snippets – Importance of a Pre-Settlement Inspection – Can an activated EPA vote for the Donor?

Newsletter – Issue 2 – May 2020

Mortgage free holiday overview
Access issues – commercial leases during COVID-19 lockdown
Overview of Trusts Act 2019
Overview of the redundancy process
Snippets – Open space covenants – Residential tenancy requirements revisited

Newsletter – Issue 1 – Feb 2020

Overview of Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019
Points of interest on drug and alcohol testing in the workplace
What is a Calderbank offer, and when it should be used?
How do you enforce land covenants when a neighbour is in breach?
Snippets – General consequence when bankruptcy is declared – Statutory entitlement for sick leave

Newsletter – Issue 4 – Nov 2019

Types of trusts and their benefits
Purchasing a property at auction – what you need to know
What rights do beneficiary of a discretionary trust have?
Further change to gun laws
Snippets – The role of the executor – The new Trust Act 2019

Newsletter – Issue 3 – Aug 2019

Anti-money laundering overview
What to know when building a house with a building company
Overview of the new gun law changes
Sole Trader and Limited Liability Company – liability compared
Caveats explained

Newsletter – Issue 2 – May 2019

Rental property standards
The importance of Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney
Under what circumstances should you form a Trust
An overview of mortgagee sales
Snippets – What is the purpose of a LIM report? – When can you access your KiwiSaver?

Newsletter – Issue 1 – Feb 2019

Meth contaminated properties
Hague Convention
Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 (PPPR)
Different ways titles are held
Snippets – How can you requisition a title? – Why do we pay rates?

Newsletter – Issue 4 – Nov 2018

First home buyers – The process of buying and what to look out for
Rural Leases
How to give Notice to Your Tenant and What You can do if a Tenant is No Longer Paying Rent
Wills – What does having a Will mean and what happens when people die without one
Snippets – Unpaid Rates lead to Sale of Property – When You may have to Pay Tax selling a Property

Newsletter – Issue 3 – Aug 2018

Commercial leases – what to look out for
Employment agreements from an employer perspective – make sure your employment agreements, and their clauses, stand up against the law
Personal Grievances – What needs to be considered when raising a PG
Terms of trade
Snippets – Changes to the Food Act – What the fence?

Newsletter – Issue 2 – May 2018

Lease Agreement v Tenancy Agreement – What is the difference?
Cross-leases – What are they and what implications do they have?
Disputes Resolution Series: Negotiation – How can it help you?
A Review of Labour’s 100 Day Plan
Snippets – Residential Land Withholding Tax, what is it and does it apply to you? – Proposed Bright-line amendments

Newsletter – Issue 1 – Feb 2018

Changing Immigration Policies – The Result
Alternative Dispute Resolution Series: Arbitration – How can it assist you?
An introduction to shareholders’ agreement – Why are they important?
Proposed changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 – What you need to be aware of
Snippets – Who Pays the Rates? – Selling a Property. Inheritance – Is it separate property?

Newsletter – Issue 2 – May 2017

Brexit, Political Power and the Role of the Courts
Enduring Powers of Attorney – Recent Changes
The Harmful Digital Communications Act – Cyberbullies Beware
Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 – Happy First Birthday
Snippets – Default Interest. Trusts – A Brief Summary

Newsletter – Issue 1 – February 2017

The Bright-line Test
The Human Tissues Act
Reckless trading
Small passengers services review
I have been named an executor of a will,what do I do now?
Snippets – The Queen’s Chain. The Ombudsmen

Newsletter – Issue 4 – November 2016

Intellectual property licensing
Plant variety rights
Best vs reasonable endeavours
Sharemilking agreements
Snippets – Building a boundary fence. Strange and wonderful land covenants

Newsletter – Issue 3 – August 2016

Eureka! Now What?
Secrecy Agreements
What goes on in a property transaction?
The legal results of a market decline
Snippets – Net Migration, “Click Agree” Agreements

Newsletter – Issue 2 – May 2016

Flat mate or de facto partner
Buildings and warrants of fitness
The ins and outs of a restraint of trade clause
Citizen’s arrest: An overview
Snippets – Property purchase – Meth testing, Reform – Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Newsletter – Issue 1 – February 2016

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill– A look at the changes for landlords and tenants
Gift Vouchers– What happens to your voucher if the company goes into receivership?
The Health and Safety at Work Act– In force from 4 April 2016
How well do you know your lease
Snippets– Updated agreement for sale and purchase of real estate, Buying a vehicle – is there money owing?

Article – December 2015

Costs – You are a plaintiff and you want to bring a claim but there is a cost for you to do so – will you get these costs back? You are a defendant served with a claim and it will cost you to defend it – if you successfully defend the claim will you get these…

Newsletter – Issue 4 – November 2015

Selling a business – things to consider
Trusts and relationships property – what does Clayton v Clayton mean for me?
Tax changes for settlements and the proposed “bright-line” test
Modernising Child, Youth and Family Services – Interim Report
Snippets – Alcohol control and Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement update

Newsletter – Issue 3 – August 2015

Changes to the Companies Act 1993
Cyber Bullying – on its way out?
Child support
Passing away without a Will – what happens to your Estate?
Snippets – Building contracts & retention sums – Building your new home, why include a sunset clause?

Newsletter – Issue 2 – July 2015

For Traders  – What are your obligations when selling goods online?
Property Sales – Disclosure.
The Family Court reforms – One year on.
Speak No Evil – Non-disparagement provisions in employment agreements.
Snippets – Building Amendment Act 2013 update. Should you pay a deposit?

Newsletter – Issue 1 – February 2015

Work life and private life  – implications of social media?
Trust Law – trustees duties – are you at risk?
Becoming a permanent resident in New Zealand
The Supreme Court – One year on.
Snippets – New Zealand’s extradition laws – Law Commission review. Traffic law – can you bike home from the pub?

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